Sand Sherpa launches the first and only self-drive camping experience  in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Sand Sherpa, a homegrown operator of camping events and off-road driving courses in the desert, has launched a self-drive camping experience in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The Sand Sherpa Special Reserve is the first and only experience of its kind that allows participants to enter the 225-square-metre protected reserve in their own vehicles with the Sand Sherpa team and camp overnight at a site within the reserve.

Offered for the first time in the region, the experience is available for general bookings on weekends and also offers bespoke bookings for clients during the week. Bookings are limited to five vehicles per trip with up to two adults and three children per vehicle.

Aimed at those looking to reconnect with nature and explore the natural wilderness that surrounds the UAE, the experience begins with a briefing on driving etiquette within the reserve and equips participants with the skills and knowledge required to safely manoeuvre their own 4X4 vehicles through the desert, all with minimal impact on the natural environment.Sand Sherpa launches the first and only self-drive camping experience

Blending off-roading with authentic camping, it also gives participants a taste of the unspoiled natural environment of the UAE, enabling close encounters with indigenous flora and fauna. The lush vegetation in the reserve attracts birds and various desert animals, including Arabian oryx, gazelles, foxes and lizards. The area is also a haven for migratory birds from November through to April.

Following the scenic drive, participants are ushered to the campsite, complete with bathroom and shower facilities. Each vehicle is assigned with its own camping trailer equipped with a Sand Sherpa Rooftop Tent, fridge/freezer, an environmentally-friendly low-emissions Lotus BBQ Grill with charcoal, utensils and camping accessories for all members of each individual party. Everything from tables, chairs and lights to sleeping accommodation and drinking water is provided, while participants are only required to bring their own food, beverages and bedding.

The next morning, the camp leader takes participants on a hawk walk through an ancient ghaf tree forest to identify tracks that have appeared overnight. A falconry demonstration then follows with falconers from Royal Shaheen. Every participant will have a turn walking with and flying the trained birds of prey, before departing from the reserve.

The experience is ideal for families with children looking to explore the natural landscape and learn more about the fascinating creatures that inhabit the sands. It is designed to teach participants more about the desert so that they can become familiar with considerate camping practices that will equip them for lifelong discovery of the desert.

Finally, with conservation at the heart of the team’s efforts, the experience shines a light on the delicate environmental balance and inspires the need to protect the desert landscape in the midst of rapid urban development.

Note to the editor:


The Sand Sherpa Special Reserve experience begins at 2:30 pm on day one, with departures from the camp at 10:30 am on day two. The experience is limited to only five vehicles per trip with up to two adults and three children per vehicle.


Packages start from AED1,950 per couple.

For bookings:

Call: 058 5606926



Facebook: @Sand Sherpa

Instagram: @sandsherpa


Sand Sherpa was launched in 2019 with a passion for adventure and the mission to make the natural wilderness accessible to those who yearn for discovery. The homegrown company operates tours, expeditions, camping events and 4X4 off-road driving experiences in the desert and mountains. Helmed by a team of expert instructors, Sand Sherpa takes the stress out of off-road exploration by guiding outdoor enthusiasts seeking to reconnect with nature into the incredible lands that surround the UAE in their own 4X4 vehicles. The operator also sells branded apparel and custom-built rooftop tents.


Sand Sherpa obtained special permission from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to ship in a fleet of Penman Trailers straight from ex-MoD stock. These are the roughest, toughest trailers, refurbished after 15 years of Army service. Further equipped with custom canopies built in South Africa by Alucab and kitted out with their very best camping equipment including fridge/freezer, recharging station, shower (and annex privacy tent), kitchen cupboard, aluminium table, chairs, drawer system and much more. These camping/expedition trailers have been more than a year in the making and the result is the ultimate in cool camping.


In addition to guided off-road support, Sand Sherpa also offers rentals of various specialist off-road and camping equipment. Rooftop Tents (RTTs) are the ultimate in luxury camping and Sand Sherpa’s tents come equipped with interior and exterior tent lighting, heavy-duty ladders and a fantastic heat-treated hard shell. Designed to rigorous specifications, these tents are built to withstand intense heat and dust. These were designed to feature LED lighting beneath the platform and dimmable lighting inside. A comfortable mattress and excellent ventilation guarantees the most comfortable night’s sleep available in the great outdoors.

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