Pearson Middle East launches a Career Success Plus Program for professional development

The four-week program provides learners with career readiness content to support their success

Pearson Middle East, the world’s leading learning company has recently launched a Career Success program with a focus on developing students’ skills and helping them find jobs in the future. The four-week program starting from November 23rd, 2020 will enable the learners to think strategically and practically about how to pursue their career goals in the most effective ways.

The curriculum consisting of career success content is designed in a way to help learners discover more about themselves. They will have access to two live webinars, two one-on-one personal coaching sessions, demonstration of skills, career advice and local market data and support from a personal, dedicated Learning Coach throughout the course to develop their personal brand and professional skills which will help them demonstrate their competitive value to prospective employers.Pearson Middle East launches a Career Success Plus Program

Majid Mneymneh, Vice President- Higher Education and Corporate, Pearson Middle East, said, “Preparing learners for their future is the core of our existence. Despite the global pandemic, students are still moving forward with their plans to graduate and begin pursuing careers. To be workforce ready, students must graduate with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to succeed and our Career Success Program does that by providing them with opportunities to prepare for their dream job.”

Pearson’s Career Success Program provides a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, enable leaners to develop a strong set of professional skills including functional, personal and knowledge based skills giving them the competitive advantage and gain a badge that serves as digital credentials of their achievements and skills.

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