Deepen your understanding of the Holy Month and its traditions with Pulse 95 Radio’s new Ramadan series

A bespoke mix of religious, social and cultural programming has been crafted
to educate the UAE’s multicultural community on the unique facets of the Holy Month    

With its commitment to providing innovative and diverse content for its multicultural community of listeners in the UAE and beyond, Pulse 95 Radio, an affiliate of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, has crafted a wonderful mix of inspiring and educational programming including a daily competition to mark Ramadan this year.Deepen your understanding of the Holy Month

More than 100 brand new and carefully curated Ramadan ‘Features’ spanning religious, social and cultural themes across a broad range of six categories have been produced this year to connect with its multinational audiences worldwide. From debunking myths and misconceptions and providing fun and interesting facts about the religious period to offering a selection of spiritual content and insights into traditions to touch upon the deeper meaning of the Holy Month, Pulse 95 Radio’s Ramadan 2021 programming is driven by quality, engaging and uplifting content.

Aimed at bringing communities together, the lineup of ‘Features’ produced for the season fall into six main categories.

A vibrant programme that will enrich your heart, soul … and stomach!

From hearty stews and soups to more substantial meals and fragrant, creative desserts, Recipes from Around the World will focus on new ideas and easy to prepare dishes that form an intrinsic part of the culinary traditions of cultures across the globe during Ramadan.

Sharjah Cares explores the compassionate facet of the spiritual month and is a powerful reminder to listeners to be grateful for their blessings while also calling upon them to extend their love and kindness to those in need, especially the homeless and marginalised populations whose sufferings have been aggravated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As a month of profound spiritual reflection and awakening, Ramadan is a special time for people of the Islamic faith. What Makes Ramadan Special will delve into what the Holy Month means for the faithful and why it is a special period for millions of Muslims the world over.

Ramadan’s Misconceptions will debunk mistaken beliefs related to the observance of Ramadan and the traditions associated with it while Interesting Facts About Ramadan will feature programmes that reveal unique and several unknown aspects of the blessed month.

The 29 short episodes broadcast under the category, Messenger of Mercy, are spiritual in nature and will delve into the life and mission of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The series is written and recounted by Hajj Idris Mears, a noted British citizen in the UAE who has converted to Islam. He will also deliver the Doua-a (prayer) before the Al-Maghreb call to prayer under the Islam Talk category of programming.

Tune in to win AED 500

Pulse 95 Radio is also offering listeners an opportunity to win AED 500 every weekday through its Ramadan Riddle (Fawazeer) competition that presents a new riddle which is aired several times on the station throughout the day. Listeners can send their answers via SMS and winners are announced daily on weekdays at 9.30pm on the ‘Evening Karak’ show. The cash prize is sponsored by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Revised timings for regular shows

The regular programming on Pulse 95 Radio features uplifting, wholesome programmes, community-driven news, and a unique blend of acoustic music, geared towards the English speaking individuals – continues during Ramadan with revised timings.

Tune in on weekdays from 8am – 10am for The Morning Majlis, which provides an overview of the top local and international news stories along with the latest business developments. Future Talk, a geeky, tech-related programme exploring emerging technologies and gadgets,  from 2pm – 3pm while from 3pm – 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Pulse 95 Radio will present The Halftime Show, a one-hour sports, wellbeing and fitness segment.

Yalla Home, a lifestyle platform for local talents and entertainment, will be on air from 4pm – 6pm while Evening Karak, which is aimed at ‘the young at heart’, is scheduled from 8pm – 10pm on weekdays.

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