Limited Edition Ramadan Sweetness by Mama Rita

Everyone’s favourite Middle Eastern dessert, ready to order.

Katayef is a Middle Eastern staple dessert during the month of Ramadan. Normally it is just filled with homey ashta, pistachio nuts and a dollop of rose syrup. Mama Rita brings her twist this season: A dozen of the traditional sweet topped with additional exotic mango chutney, orange blossom and mint.Limited Edition Ramadan Sweetness by Mama Rita

Providing a boost of energy after a day of fasting, Rita’s Special Katayef, is the perfect shareable treat with family or friends. The box of twelve Katayef is available to order on  Prepared daily and served fresh, the dozen,  are displayed in a limited edition geometric box, making it an extremely heartfelt gift for Iftar or Suhoor, any day of the week, up to Eid el Fitr.

Now that dessert is settled, Mama Rita’s brings forth three great deals for Iftar, featuring dates, soups, salads, a few starters, and main courses of your choice. The Ramadan Combo for One is available for those having a quiet night in. The Ramadan Combo for Two is served with two dates, two fresh salads or soups, a mix of hot & cold starters and finally, two main courses. The Ramadan Family Combo includes a wider variety of options from dates, four salads or soups, a large selection of hot & cold starters and up to four main courses.

This Ramadan, Mama Rita wants you to feel at ease, allowing you to customize your combo meals as you wish with selections including Kebbe bel saniye, Kebbe Bi Laban, Vegetarian Lasagne and Mama’s Wara2 3enab just to name a few – so that you can truly focus on what really matters most during this holy month: your loved ones and your overall wellbeing.

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