Indoor exercises to keep children active this Summer

Indoor exercises to keep children active this Summer

As the Middle East prepares for what was predicted[1] to be a scorching Summer this year,  It’s SO Simple founder Rachael Sacerdoti created a suitable exercise routine for children to keep them active even when staying indoors.

“Introducing a healthy lifestyle to children can be fun for the whole family. A regular workout ingrained in children encourages good habits and provides parents with the opportunity to bond with them as well. A big bonus is, it keeps them away from gadgets too! This routine is short and simple that my own kids enjoy doing, and can be done inside your home,” said Rachael.Indoor exercises to keep children active this Summer

The ‘It’s SO Simple’ kids workout routine is as follows,

  • Squat & Tap 30 seconds
  • Curtsy lunges x 20
  • Frog Jumps x 12
  • Hop Overs x 10
  • Run & Kisses x 12
  • Airplane x 30 seconds

It’s SO Simple is an online fitness programme to help busy women sustain a fitness routine. It is designed to maximise the potential of a short amount of exercise from the comfort of your home. ISS features online exercises, nutritional meal plans, progress tracking, personal consultation, and a community group.

About It’s SO Simple

It’s SO Simple is a 12-week fitness programme for the mind and body. Founded in 2020 by UK-based fitness coach Rachael Sacerdoti, the programme focuses on calorie control and protein intake utilising online tools and techniques that encourage motivation and accountability.


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