Marbella Hotel, the vibrant resort, offering an authentic taste of Spain off the coast of Dubai, reaches 50% structure completion - an extraordinary milestone following its vision announcement in February 2021

The Kleindienst Group marks 50% completion of Marbella Hotel structure, its hospitality offering inspired by Spain’s sun-drenched Costa del Sol

Marbella Hotel, the vibrant resort, offering an authentic taste of Spain off the coast of Dubai, reaches 50% structure completion – an extraordinary milestone following its vision announcement in February 2021

Dubai-based real estate developer, The Kleindienst Group, has completed 50% of the structure construction on the Marbella Hotel. The six-floor hotel structure reached the halfway mark this month, with construction topping the 3rd floor, and is expected to be completed by Expo2020 with the cladding of facades to be finished in the fourth quarter of the year.

As part of Phase 1 of The Heart of Europe, the Spanish inspired resort, is the fastest construction update on Europe Island, the projects largest island. With its waterproofing, compaction, and foundation raft completed in January 2021 in just six months, the venue has reached a grand milestone, championed by its mission to bring the best of Spain to Dubai. The units are not for sales as of yet and the sales launch will take place during Expo20.

Marbella hotel will comprise 191 keys, out of which 140 will be upscale hotel apartments, each with viewing deck and up to 47 square metres (505.90 square feet) of space. Guests will also choose from 48 deluxe five-star cuevas – meaning caves – with sizes ranging up to 60 square metres (645.83 square feet), plus three super-luxury ‘fisherman house’ suites, comprising a generous 250 square metres (2,690.98 square feet) and a large viewing deck. This upscale boutique hotel, will span a total area of 20,881 sqm to recreate an authentic taste of Spain just a few minutes from Dubai shores.

The hotel also lies close to four visionary hospitality concepts nearing completion located in The Heart of Europe: Portofino – the region’s first family-dedicated hotel,  the unmistakable Côte d’Azur resort, inspired by the French Rivieria, Rainbow Beach – the pristine water lifestyle beach, and the Raining Street – the world first climate-controlled street where it will rain on command all year long.Marbella Hotel, the vibrant resort, offering an authentic taste of Spain off

Guests seeking the vibrancy, warmth, flavours and sounds of Marbella without the hassle of an extensive flight from Dubai can look forward to a completely immersive journey underpinned by elements of the Spanish experience at every touchpoint. Elements include Marbella set clocks, Spanish-speaking front-of-house staff, a Flamenco and tapas bar, and the acceptance of Euros as payment currency across the venue.

Traditional accents blend harmoniously with modern culture and convenience at Marbella Hotel with design language that is highlighted by the historic Andalusian charm and Moorish architecture, guests will also be able to relish in the comfort of a sustainably controlled European climate brought to life by innovative technology.

Marbella Hotel will also be home to the region’s first Moorish spa, inspired by the rich Arab spa heritage of Andalusia, dating back to the eighth century, carefully researched design and architectural details will recreate the healing and serene ambiance of ancient Al Ándalus with the efficiency of therapeutical massages, heat and cool temperatures, known to induce relaxation or weight loss.

Six exciting food and beverage outlets will serve guests, among them a restaurant with an exuberant live Flamenco show and a rooftop pool club bar and restaurant with stunning views of the Dubai skyline. Other attractions include a dedicated swimming pool, Puerto Banús beach and pool club, a private pool for suite guests, and La Cala beach where the latest water sports will provide thrills above and below the waves.

Much like a vacation within Spain, Marbella Hotel customers will be able to acquire new skills in a Spanish language class and cookery school, learn Flamenco or test their palate in the winery and tasting facilities. They can even pose beside Spanish olive trees aged 100-1,500 years, painstakingly re-homed from Andalusia.

Further underlining the project’s promises of carefully curated experiences enabling guests and homeowners to seek a taste of Spain. Marbella will have a dedicated beach (up to 300m long) as part of the 800 metres long beach and seven memorable festivals and cultural shows. Transporting visitors to Spain’s true spirit as they take part in some of the most celebrated traditions, including Flamenco, a contest to decide the world’s best Flamenco dancer and Carnaval de Cádiz, the oldest and most popular, freewheeling event full of costumes, parades strolling troubadours, and beating drums.

Commenting on the highly-anticipated project, Josef Kleindienst, Chairmen of The Kleindienst Group says, “Marbella is an upscale and highly differentiated destination set to be the perfect getaway for vibrant staycations and couples seeking a cultural holiday where wine tasting, and Flamenco are part of the experience. This atmospheric, epic hotel is both innovative and sustainability-oriented like everything else at The Heart of Europe. We have established a reputation for normalising the unexpected and defining the future megatrends in the tourism industry – a benchmark in which Marbella is sure to meet.”

Mr. Kleindienst added, “Construction at The Heart of Europe has been happening at a tangible pace, despite the pandemic. The 50% completion of the Marbella project structure marks the strong development of Phase 2 at The Heart of Europe. As construction of the Marbella Hotel powers ahead within The Heart of Europe – the US$5 billion prime hospitality and paradise second home destination amid The World islands is one step closer to its worldwide debut.”

Keeping The Heart of Europe green

Just 4km from the Dubai mainland, visitors and guests will access The Heart of Europe via sustainably-operated ferry, water taxi, sail boat, seaplane or helicopter, as well as a frequent shuttle service with assigned pick-up points. On arrival club cars, boats and abra will provide island accessibility alongside clearly sign-posted walking routes.

With sustainability at its core, The Heart of Europe will see the development of more than 500,000 square metres of coral reefs.

The destination will also deploy sustainable landscaping that will be pesticide free, fungicide free and nourished with recycled water. THOE will remain car free, use clean energy and will offer sustainable water transportation.

The Heart of Europe is committed to deliver exceptional experiential journeys through innovative services, events, entertainment, design and technology.

About Kleindienst Group

The Kleindienst Group is committed to pushing the established boundaries by pioneering new concepts in real estate and hospitality to deliver authentic, ethical and enriching experiences.

Established more than 30 years ago in Austria and Hungary, and present in Dubai since 2003, The Kleindienst Group is the largest European real estate company in Dubai with more than 1,200 employees over its diverse portfolio of businesses which include property development, construction, hospitality, property brokerage, and corporate business centres.

The Heart of Europe is the flagship masterplan of the developer in Dubai, in The World islands, 4km from the Dubai coastline. Kleindienst is the only developer with backward integration capabilities from design to construction in the Middle East. This business model enables it to build and deliver according to the vision in the most innovative environments, while also offering a lifetime warranty.

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