Mahzooz: Luck strikes 3 times for Egyptian expat!

Mahzooz: Luck strikes 3 times for Egyptian expat!

  • Mahmoud had 3 winning entries in the 32nd Mahzooz draw
  • Shared AED 1,000,000 second prize with Saeed from Bahrain

Two lucky Mahzooz participants, one Egyptian and one Bahraini, hit it big and won AED 500,000 each in the 32nd weekly live draw. The two lucky winners matched five out of six numbers each and shared the AED 1,000,000 second prize.

For Mahmoud, a 41-year-old Egyptian expat, the luck didn’t stop there.

“I won with three separate entries!” said the Abu Dhabi resident. “I’ve only been participating in Mahzooz for a month, and I usually select multiple lines. When I realised that some of my numbers matched on one line, I was excited but then I looked at the other ones and couldn’t believe it.”

In addition to his big AED 500,000 win, Mahmoud matched three out of six numbers on two other entries, and won the AED 35 fourth prize, twice.

“Last Saturday was actually the first time I was able to watch the weekly live draw, and it turned out to be my lucky day. A day to remember for a lifetime. I am very grateful to Mahzooz,” said Mahmoud.Mahzooz: Luck strikes 3 times for Egyptian expat!

Originally from Alexandria in Egypt, Mahmoud has lived in the UAE for 15 years and works in the construction industry. During this time, he has built many strong relationships with people he holds close to his heart.

“There are people close to me who are going through some tough times and need an urgent help,” said Mahmoud. “My first priority now is to help them out and make sure they are taken care of. Only after that, I will think of myself and how to invest my winnings.”

While Mahmoud has only recently begun participating in Mahzooz, Saeed from Bahrain has participated since the beginning.

“From day one, I’ve been a big supporter of Mahzooz but I’ve only won AED 35 before,” said the 59-year-old retiree. “I wasn’t able to watch the live draw as I was watching football, so I went into my account after the game to check the winning numbers. When I saw AED 500,000 in my Winnings Balance, I was overwhelmed. I have never won anything big in my life until I won big with Mahzooz – it’s a great feeling!”

A devout family man, Saeed plans to keep his winnings close to home.

“With this money, I’ll be able to pay off some debts but most importantly, it will go a long way in helping secure my children’s future. This win is a blessing to me and my family,” said the married father of four.

Despite his big win, Saeed has no plans on slowing down.

“I will continue participating because what Mahzooz does is very noble,” said Saeed. “The fact that we donate water to people in need through our participation makes entering the draw very meaningful and I’m happy to contribute to this great cause. Winning something to go along with it is a nice bonus.”


EWINGS LLC, the Managing Operator of Mahzooz, is a technology and operations management company headquartered in the UAE. EWINGS delivers tailor-made services, spanning strategy, technology infrastructure, operations, and management with a special focus on the entertainment industry.

About Mahzooz:

Mahzooz is the GCC’s only weekly live draw that offers players a life-changing opportunity with tens of AED millions to be won every week. Mahzooz is dedicated to making people’s dreams come true and giving back to the community.

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