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Aafaq Islamic Finance rewards corporate clients

Aafaq Islamic Finance rewards corporate clients

Aafaq Islamic Finance rewards corporate clients

Cars and prizes can be won with the “Sahobat” product

 Aafaq Islamic Finance”, the leading institution in the financial sector that provides financial products and services compliant with the provisions of Islamic law throughout the UAE and the region, revealed its intention to provide more profit opportunities for participating companies in a special Sahobat, which offers them an opportunity to save in an investment deposit system that is compatible with Islamic Sharia in the form of a wakala.

The initiative contributes to spreading awareness of financial responsibility among members of the UAE community, and helps them achieve their financial goals, as well as provides companies with more opportunities to win valuable cash prizes.

After announcing the names of the winners of the fifth Sahobat draws, Aafaq decided to give the participants in this product additional opportunities to win rewarding prizes, including TVs, smart phones and cars, extending to December 31 of this year.

Rashid Mahboob Al Qubaisi, CEO of Aafaq Islamic Finance, said: “After the huge demand for participation in the Sahobat product, we decided to offer more opportunities to win by adding valuable prizes that include cars, TVs and smart phones, with an increase in the number of winners every two months resulting in two additional draws to the scheduled monthly and quarterly draws.”

Al Qubaisi added: “Aafaq seeks to create opportunities for small companies to deposit investments in the form of wakala and earn at competitive profit rates. They can earn additional cash for expansion of projects “.

Mohammed Al-Dosari, Head of Business at Aafaq Islamic Finance, recalled that once companies invest in the “Sahobat” product, they automatically qualify for monthly and quarterly draws, as long as the investment deposit is active, as there will be 10 winners per month in the “draws” prizes. And three additional winners every quarter with cash values ​​up to 10 times the invested value.

Al-Dosari said: “Aafaq decided to add 3 draws from July 1 to December 31, 2021, to be held on the following dates:

First Draw: September 9, 2021

Second Draw: November 11, 2021

Third Draw: January 6, 2022

The new prizes are:

First Prize: 2021 Mitsubishi Attrage

Second prize: Apple iphone 12 64 GB phone

Third Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Tablet

About Aafaq Islamic Finance:

Aafaq Islamic Finance PJSC was established in 2006 and provides a wide range of high-quality Sharia-compliant banking products and services to corporate and retail clients. It stands out to be one of the most independent financing companies in the UAE. Moreover, the company’s strategy focuses on exploring opportunities within different business sectors to achieve the highest levels of happiness for all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees, strategic partners and the community.

Aafaq depends on the strength of its strategic partnership with leading institutions in the UAE, such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, Dubai Economy, Emaratech, Trakhees, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and many Tas-heel, Amer and Business centers and others. aafaq provides the customers of these entities with services like E-dirham, Labour Guarantees, Wages Protection System, payment services for Dubai Economy and topping up of Noqodi wallets. In addition, aafaq offers a wide range of financing solutions and smart payment tools for companies and individuals.

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