Top 7 Family Activities To Experience In Canton De Vaud This Summer

Canton De Vaud entices families from the GCC with exciting adventures

With Switzerland now open, travelers are invited to explore the magical region of Vaud (in the Lake Geneva region) where days are long, evenings balmy and nature abundant.

This spectacular Swiss destination offers culture, fine dining and outdoor adventure with the breathtaking backdrop of the picturesque Lake Geneva and the Alps.

To accompany the visit to this Olympic Capital, guests can now download a free copy of the Lausanne Travel Journal. The Carnet de Voyage is the notebook that will entertain children during their stay in Lausanne. Filled with activities related to the city, they can discover Lausanne through explorations, drawings, games, collages, and lots of surprises. Something to keep them busy while visiting Lausanne’s must-see sites. The additional bonus is that guests can present their Carnet along the journey to receive exciting surprises.

1) Explore the Historic Fort de Chillon

The whole family will love this 20th century fortification on the edge of Lake Geneva. Once the primary way to protect the road and rail lines passing from Lausanne to the mountainous interior region of Lausanne, it is now a must-see location to learn about the region’s history. Guests can relive the experiences of a Swiss soldier through a range of fun activities including quizzes, strategy games, augmented reality and 3D games. For an extra taste of military life, visitors can take a seat at the Concordia Platz where the soldiers sat before pausing for a gourmet coffee break or dining at the fort’s cafe.Top 7 Family Activities To Experience In Canton De Vaud

2) Pedalo on Lake Geneva

Whether spending some romantic time with that special someone or taking a group of friends out to experience the wonders of the water, witnessing the spectacular scenery from the lake gives a unique experience to the region. With pedal boats for two or up to seven people, this offers a unique insight into the scale of the Swiss scenery in the blissful serenity of Lake Geneva.

3) Hop aboard the Chocolate Train  

Guests can experience some of Switzerland’s’ signature foods on an exceptional culinary excursion. The adventure begins by rail on the Belle Époque carriage from Montreux to Montbovon before taking a luxury bus through the scenic region. At the first stop in Gruyères, visitors can discover the secrets of the production of the world-famous cheese by the same name, before setting off to explore the medieval town. Chocolate lovers will then get to explore the famous chocolate factory in Broc which concludes with an irresistible tasting.

4) Get inspired at the Olympic Museum

Sport-lovers can learn about the founders of this world-famous sporting event and the cultural, social and historical impact it has had on the world since its birth. With 1,500 objects and 150 screens to relive great Olympic moments, the Museum offers visitors a unique experience in a place where information, reflection and emotion are shared around sport.

5) Learn more about one of the world’s best-loved stage stars at Chaplin’s World

Film fans can walk in the steps of Hollywood’s legendary Charlie Chaplin, immerse in the studio to experience the silent world of film or roam the sprawling ten-acre estate the star once walked retracing the steps of the cinematic hero. The last 25 years of his extraordinary life were spent in Switzerland as he enjoyed the peace and privacy it provided, with views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Now, the museum in his honour invites the world to celebrate the life of this much-loved man.

6) Indulge in a luxurious brunch and cruise with Brunch Aboard

Fine wine, fine dining and spectacular scenery await as visitors gently cruise across Lake Geneva and dine on local delicacies at Café Léman. The cruise takes guests around this majestic region which includes witnessing one of the local UNESCO World Heritage sites, the terraced vineyards of Lavaux and its charming hillside villages, offering a picturesque paradise.

7) Discover Aquatis Aquarium – Vivarium Lausanne

Aquatis presents animals through a totally immersive and interactive scenography using innovative digital technologies. More than an aquarium or a vivarium, AQUATIS is an exceptional journey through our planet’s most fascinating freshwater environments. AQUATIS invites visitors to dive head first into an immersive trip around the five continents to discover the main freshwater ecosystems and their flora and fauna.

About the region of Vaud (Lake Geneva region), Switzerland

Located in the southwestern part of Switzerland in its French-speaking region between Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel, the region of Vaud is a dream vacation destination. The region is served by Geneva international airport, which is a short 40-minute train ride away from Lausanne. The region boasts a strong infrastructure including luxurious and affordable accommodation and well-connected transportation system. The region features beautiful towns such as Lausanne, the Olympic Capital and Montreux Riviera, all steeped in centuries of history and culture. It has influenced and inspired many artists over the years from Lord Byron and Audrey Hepburn to Charlie Chaplin, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Vaud region is best known for its art of living, local and internationally renowned events, outdoor sports activities, world class gastronomy, traditions, and culture.

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