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TV series fusing drama and sport will serve as the perfect vehicle to demonstrate to the Arab world how jiu-jitsu can play a positive role in everyday life

The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF), the governing body for the sport in the emirates, and I-Friends Sport, a subsidiary of the television production firm I-Friends Culture and Media, signed an MoU for an Arabic drama series that will shed the light on the sport of jiu-jitsu and the benefits its values have on society.

The signing of the MoU at the UAEJJF headquarters in Abu Dhabi in the presence of UAEJJF General Secretary Fahad Al Shamsi and I-Friends Culture and Media General Manager Amr Mostafa Kamel represents the continuous efforts of UAEJJF to utilise various channels in raising awareness of the jiu-jitsu sport in the community.

Commenting on the MoU signing, Al Shamsi, said: “Media has always been a key vehicle to promote the sport of jiu-jitsu in the community through both the sporting events and wider initiatives. Today’s MoU signing elevates our efforts in embracing technology to raise awareness of the values of our beloved sport. This drama series will offer viewers a new experience and a different view of jiu-jitsu and the role it plays beyond the mat. Our partnership with I-Friends Culture and Media is a result of a common vision and goals in promoting the positive values and healthy living.

“We look forward to working with the I-Friends team on this project and engaging jiu-jitsu coaches and players to reflect the true nature of the sport.”

I-Friends GM, Kamel, added: “Drama plays an important role in promoting values ​​and ideas, and the popularity of Arabic drama series has grown, reaching viewers from all the Arab world. The partnership with the UAEJJF will allow us to use our expertise in the field of drama production and present the sport of jiu-jitsu and its values.”

“Sports drama has always been a great success around the world, whether dealing with the lives of athletes or the history of sports. We are confident that our cooperation with the UAEJJF will help project the jiu-jitsu sport forward and engage new audiences. “added Kamel.

Further details on the name of the series, where it will be streamed and how viewers can access the content will be revealed in upcoming stages. It will be broadcast primarily in UAE and Egypt, to reflect the growth of the sport among athletes from different countries.

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