Another Energy : Power to Continue Challenging

  • 20 Artists from 10 Nationalies, in this art exhibition THE UNSEEN – The Art of “Still Life” which has played a crucial part in the market for still life.

Challenging times require inner strength, and this exhibition promises to be a great source of inspiration for finding it. It is always a momentous occasion on the opening in zoom webinar on 29th July 2021. From an exploration of ‘still life’ which is a popular genre because the artist has total control over the subject of the painting, the lighting, and the context, that trends to a spotlight on 20 artists’ creatives who brought fantastic works to inspire you to visit the show virtually at 360 gallery.

Another Energy : Power to Continue Challenging

UAE has a vast network of Galleries that organize various art gatherings, workshop, Live Painting sessions etc. which has kept the artists in the region preoccupied in creating new artworks as every exhibition organized in this land has a unique global value of its own and is hugely influencing the art Industry by its professional curation and the quality of splendid creations displayed. One such gallery that is dedicated to the cause of promoting and nurturing artists of the region by providing superlative platforms for promoting their artworks is the fabulous ART4You Gallery.

ART4You Gallery is inviting you all to our 24th Virtual 360 Art Exhibition ,walk from room to room and enter the show by clicking the below UNIQUE link ;

This International Exhibition was organized by Art4you Gallery, Under the patronage of Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi. 

Everyone from the artist to the audience was optimistic about the prospects for reviews. In a sense, the gallery and especially the art pieces looked as good as it does during the opening, and as such, this special event always represented an opportunity for any artist to make a significant impression and advance their career.

Sharing some reviews from our guests.“The ideal curator is a thoughtful, informed, and discerning viewer of art, and we especially appreciate curators who understand artwork from the perspective of art-making. Come See the Works that Have Stood the Test of Time. Congrats to Jesno Jackson for this amazing Show” says H E Laila Rahhal El Atfani, Guest of honor of the event.

Featured Artists :

  • Alina Hassan – Pakistan
  • Aseel Al Ramlawi – Palestine
  • Anna Wyborn – Russia
  • Cathy Deniset – France
  • Cathy Nunez – Philippines
  • Divya Chinni – India
  • Eashan Dasgupta – India
  • Lavanya Varma – India
  • Lana S – Kazakastan
  • Mini Milind – Oman
  • Manjula Kaimal – India
  • Maria Zheleznova – Russia
  • Murtaza Kazi – India
  • Marina Zotova – Russia
  • Prathibha Ajayan – India
  • Rachel John – India
  • Ruben Molino – Venezuela
  • Sara Mohammad Ali – UAE
  • Sumaya Ali – Pakistan
  • Subhasish Chakravarthy – India

A still life can be realistic or abstract, depending on the particular time and culture in which it was created, and on the particular style of the artist. The artist can use the still life symbolically or allegorically to express an idea, or formally to study composition and the elements and principles of art.

Why do I want to paint this scene? What initially attracted me to it? What content is needed to attract the viewer and make them feel what I feel? Why do I want to paint this scene? What initially attracted me to it? What content is needed to attract the viewer and make them feel what I feel? As these questions are answered, it becomes clear that a given scene is not set in stone. An artist can alter the scene to suit the emotions or message he or she seeks to share with the viewer. So let us explore the genre of still life here in this exhibition.

“The theme is STILL LIFE. This includes the art of commonplace objects which are either natural, such as food, flowers, plants, rocks, shells, and even dead animals, or man-made ones, such as books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, etc. Representational and abstract ideas based broadly on the theme, in any media, were considered. For this group exhibition the curator – Jesno Jackson was looking for still life artworks that convey a captured moment. The still life works can be traditional or contemporary in nature, with the content exhibiting everyday objects that are natural (e.g., food, flowers, game) or which are manufactured (e.g., bottles, glasses, pottery). The subjects of the art can range from a single object to a complex arrangement of objects expressed from representational to abstract. “. says Rengi Cherian – the Founder of Art4you.

“Rengi Cherian and Jesno Jackson, the founders of ART4You Gallery, are well known for their professional method of curating and managing events all the while exceeding the expectations of the art fraternity, not just in the region, but in an international approach as well. All their exhibitions are unique as the artworks displayed in these exhibitions only raise the standard of the art fraternity manifold. It is truly amazing to witness how these two aspiring souls curate an event and always manage to display only the best of the best and moreover, promote artists to a whole new level. Their dedication and commitment to the cause is commendable and they have made a prominent mark in the history of the art fraternity in this region.”, says the Chief Guest – Dr. Hamed Bin Mohammad Khalifa Al suwaidi, Founder of Abudhabi Art Society, UAE.


“Continuing with their fantastic work and contribution to the art world, Jesno Jackson hits the headlines yet again as her latest exhibition titled ‘THE UNSEEN – Art of Still life’ occupies the front page in connection with technology with art.. This exhibition is undoubtedly going to be a show stopper as various incredibly talented artists join together in collaboration with Business Gate, to once again skyrocket the expectations of the art world and raise the benchmark of success., says Isha Farha Quraishy – the celebrity guest of the event , who is Mrs. Universe.

Having a proven track record in gaining commercial benefits for the artists, each exhibition organized by ART4You are also a favorite destination for art collectors and end clients. Gatherings curated by Jesno Jackson are always well attended by inspiring leaders from the art world in the region and famous personalities from different walks of life along with the art enthusiasts and fellow artists which also enhances the curiosity of participating artist as they are able to gain an extra mile in getting their creations elevated to a global platform.

Exhibition will run until 30 Sept 2021.

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