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Swiss Disinfection Expert Presents Nanotech-based Solutions in the Face of Current and Future Microbiological Threats

Swiss Disinfection Expert Presents Nanotech-based Solutions in the Face of Current and Future Microbiological Threats

Saniservice Re-engineers Disinfection Solutions

The term ‘sanitization’ has gotten the world’s attention in the last two years and taken on more significance due to the global COVID19 pandemic. UAE-based Saniservice, founded by Francois Larsen, remains the leader in pioneering Swiss-quality disinfection methods in the region since 2009.

What started with the pursuit of the world’s state-of-the-art services, Francois has pioneered the use of key services that make homes and ultimately our overall lives better.  All this revolves around his firm belief in ‘health quality’ and passion for excellence.  This includes everything from the air we breathe indoors, to the water we use and surfaces we touch every day. Francois and his team have re-engineered existing and mature services to better address contemporary challenges people face today.

Francois’ clients include hospitals, schools, large enterprises and private homes that can choose from a wide variety of effective premium cleaning services including disinfecting blue light treatments, various antibacterial treatments, and an exciting re-engineered disinfection cleaning concept called ‘hygienization’. This unique service creates optimal surface hygiene that goes far beyond the traditional cleaning process by using an anti-bacterial coating with titanium dioxide and nanotechnology on any type of surface with long-ranging effects.

He also spearheaded ‘Saniallergy’, a first-of-its-kind hypoallergenic store that not only offers premium products like air purifiers and dehumidifiers that promote hypoallergenic spaces, but also tests each product offered through a full onsite testing facility using a unique simulation chamber to ensure only tried and tested products are sold.

With the challenges presented by the pandemic, Francois has deep-dived into researching emerging disinfection technologies and has surmised that the trend due the current global health crisis is shifting from simple disinfection towards a more ‘active protection’. This is also how Francois became enthralled by nanotechnology-based surface protection. For example, nanocoating solutions reduce the number of pathogens and harmful organic compounds on surfaces providing an invisible protection that can last up to a year and can be further enhanced faster and stronger with our blue-light technology that creates a photocatalytic reaction with the invisible coating.

“We have a deeper understanding of bacteria and viruses that exist and how they continue to evolve into new variants which is why we use oxidizing technology to which bacteria and viruses cannot become resistant and protects against recontamination. This ensures that our clients and customers receive impactful long-lasting disinfection that puts their minds at ease and protects their immunity both directly and indirectly,” according to Larsen. “We have instituted these protocols to include a wide range of technologies such as dry hydrogen peroxide technology which was first developed by NASA for the International Space Station and now available to everyone in the UAE. We even have an in-house microbiologist who monitors and confirms the efficiency of every Saniservice protocol we enact.”

12 Years of Excellence in the study of Microbiological Threats

When Francois Larsen first established Saniservice in 2009 to meet his own needs due to severe allergies, microbiological threats were different back then although no less threatening to what we are experiencing today. Thanks to its growing population and rapid economic growth, the UAE is one of the major markets for air quality services.

“Although my 30-year career was predominantly working in the banking and finance sector across Europe and the USA, I have experienced first-hand how important air quality is for people working in offices and in their homes. I am proud that Saniservice today offers healthy, world-class results for businesses, households, and families. We not only provide re-engineered solutions, but carefully tailor them in accordance with the latest studies our scientists and experts make to better understand evolving viruses and bacterial infections.”

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