In Korea, SILSTAR was established in 2012.

The founder of SILSTAR, Hyungoo Jeon achieved to create a Digital Painting Brush named ” Butouch ”  for the first time in 2014.

Butouch is excellent in sense of touch as being made up of conductive hair and metal body for the fast reaction to the device. t is convenient to use in a retractable way, and can be used permanently because you can erase, save and print your artworks. Existing touch pens available for mobile devices were made of silicone type but we had developed a form of brush for the first time in Korea, manufactured and compatible with a variety of drawing applications that is very useful to everyone who likes to draw and paint with a brush and smart phones or electronic touch screen gadgets.  In the future, this brush would also be used as an educational tool in schools worldwide.

In Korea, SILSTAR was established in 2012.

About this item

A brilliant invention of digital painting brush! Let’s draw with Professional Painting Brush. It enables you to draw paintings like experts or painters.

Butouch Professional is ideal for drawing or painting w/related apps.This slim style brush stylus is created to be compact & durable.

Buouch Professional Digital Painting Brush Stylus is Made in Korea The newly designed and innovated digital brush from SILSTAR is now out. The bristles is more pointed a lot easier to control. You can spend time in a cafe quietly with your children by just giving them this to draw and paint on your touch gadgets. It’s also perfect for professional artist who do digital art! With just one Butouch Professional digital brush, you won’t need to bring other materials for them to use. It’s like a fountain pen that has a cap and you can conveniently carry around.


  • Innovation_Conductivity-driven tip that glides effortlessly across the screen, eliminating the abrasiveness issue with silicon tips
  • Pleasure_A new way for drawing experience / Creativity without limit.
  • All_Available for all of touchscreen / For Kids & Adults.
  • Easy Compact size for any time & anywhere/ No battery / No charging
  • Convenient_Draw your creative on the go/ No need Crayon / Paints / Pigments




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